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For the past decade, BC West Building Company located in Collinsville, Connecticut, has been devoted to creating buildings and living spaces that aren’t just functional, but also beautiful and unique. What makes us special is how closely we work with our customers. We’re devoted to making sure that the final product is everything you dreamed it would be.

Homeowners who turn to BC West Building Company, LLC not only appreciate our extensive experience, but also enjoy having their thoughts and wishes taken into consideration. No matter how large or small your needs might be, we’re happy to meet them. Our attitude, experience, and quality of work has the same clients and homeowners contacting us over and over again when they want to have rooms remodeled, major renovations done or they are ready to build that new dream home.

The work we do stands out, partly because we do beautiful custom woodworking, but mostly because of the quality of and your satisfaction in the finished product. In addition to having a team of highly dedicated building professionals who have a knack for getting the most out of whatever space is available, we also have a strict policy about only using the highest quality products and workmanship. It doesn’t matter if you need an interior designed for a new home or building or seek renovations for a home you’ve lived in for twenty years, you’ll be very happy with the results when you work with us.

While we have extensive experience working on local residential projects, that’s not the scope of our abilities. We are equally happy to work with you for your local office space for your small or large business. We have the experience needed to renovate light commercial including retail spaces, office buildings, medical offices, and restaurants.

If you’ve grown tired of the way your home or office looks and want to give it a facelift, contact us today. You won’t be disappointed!

Feeling Ready to start your project? 

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