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The relationship between architects and builders is a relationship between visionaries and the expert building consultants who make that vision a reality. As an architect, you are creative and artistic, but you also have to be adept at working with geometry, physics, and envisioning two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional realities. You need an expert building team who can understand your ideas, translate your designs, and implement the work so that what you envision is realized in the stunning end result.

BC West Building Company, LLC has over a decade of experience working with CT and NY architects to implement designs and plans that not only the clients will love, but the architect as well. We know that as an architect you need to have the freedom to think in terms of the whole picture without getting bogged down in details about supplies or vendors.

We will work closely with you, the architect and the home or business owner to make sure the end result of your plans and designs meets all requirements and expectations. At BC West Building Company, LLC, we make your satisfaction our priority so that you can focus on your client’s designs and plans and we can focus on implementation and execution. Working with us, you’ll be able to draw from our wealth of experience in determining the best materials for a job, rely on us to understand the requirements of local building codes, and utilize our master carpentry and mill-working expertise to realize your client’s specifications and your vision. We have extensive experience working with numerous types of building materials, from woodwork to stone to tile to marble.

We will work to keep everything progressing smoothly so that you can focus on delighting your customer. When a problem arises, we will let you know so that you can keep the client updated on the project’s status. We believe in transparency in all our dealings with you and your clients so that all parties are fully apprised of the project status. Project management is our forte and our promise to you is to address any issues that arise as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible.

We want you and your clients to be completely satisfied with the finished product therefore we strive to work with you during all phases of the project to realize your vision on time and within budget.

Feeling Ready to start your project? 

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