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Wooden House Construction

Home Renovation

Home renovations, remodeling, and improvements all can add value to your home depending on the project, although not always the amount you might expect. For the home you will live in for years to come, it’s not so much of an issue, as renovating can make your home more comfortable and functional by suiting your lifestyle and will be worth the investment.

Renovation Versus Remodeling

Renovation could also be viewed as repairs, although it tends to be a bit more in depth. Typical home renovation companies replace existing features with upgraded, modern pieces without conducting more construction. Perhaps a better way to look at it is that a repair would be to the feature or item, renovation would be a repair to the home by replacing the feature or item.

Remodeling, on the other hand, is typically a building project. It adds structure and value to the home, even if the value added is not equal to the price of the remodeling job. Remodeling nearly always requires a building permit and an experienced professional building contractor.

How BC West Building Company provides Exceptional Service & Quality

To demonstrate the difference between a repair, renovation or remodeling job let’s use an old door as an example and let’s pretend that it’s been damaged by the kids and pawed at by the dog over the years. A repair would be to touch up the paint to freshen its look and hide the flaws. A renovation would be to repair the flaws with sanding or fill, paint the door a different color, perhaps replace the knob, or possibly just replace the entire door with a new one. A remodel would be to open the wall and reframe the door opening to make room to install a set of French doors.

Why One or the Other

Typically, repairs maintain the current value of the home and may lead to getting market price for the home at the time of sale, although the price of repairs would have come out of your pocket and you won’t get back with the sale of the home. Renovations may provide the best return at sale if they upgrade the home to modern standards and you may get more money at the time of sale. Using our door example, you replace the damaged door with a new modern door of the same size. Remodeling, on the other hand, adds value that often is not more than the price of the remodel and may not provide a good return at sale, however it is also­ beneficial toward customizing the home to your requirements.

Considerations when Choosing a Home Renovation Company

When choosing a contractor, always make sure to get several bids. Check references and look through a portfolio of past projects that are similar to what you want to do with your home. Use a contractor who will consult with you on the best options for your situation including addressing how long you intend to stay in the home and the value you need to add to home.

Feeling Ready to start your project? 

Here at Connecticut-based BC West Building Company, LLC, we provide a wide range of services to our customers, and we deliver each one of those services with our trademark professionalism, attention to detail, and experience. We approach every home renovation project with exquisite craftsmanship and practical implementation. No project is too small or too big – from modest kitchen renovations to complete, custom home renovation projects. From the time construction begins, we adhere to the highest levels of efficiency and attention to detail possible, affording you the ability to enjoy your home with the knowledge of quality workmanship and integrity. We are passionate about working with you to transform your living spaces into the home you’ve always dreamed of owning. Whatever work we do for you, our aim is to delight you with a clean, elegant, professional, and amazing results. We’ve worked hard to gain the reputation as one of the finest area home renovation companies. Please contact us today to start planning your home renovation project.

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