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Every home eventually needs remodeling. It may be as practical as upgrading an older house to modern standards. Remodeling can also be a style choice to change an adequate house into a great home for the needs of you and your family. Remodeling is a part of home ownership and on some level, an expected part of the maintenance schedule of your house.

Home remodeling in general is different than a small home project. A project is something most homeowners can do themselves, or hire a handyman to take care of the job. Remodeling requires a licensed contractor. The contractor is familiar with the process of obtaining a building permit, knows the local codes, owns the tools, has the experience to do the job, and has employees or subcontractor specialists available that work for the contractor regularly.

BC West Building Company provides Unsurpassed Expertise & Service

So what is meant by a remodeling project, which requires a contractor versus a small do-it-yourself project? An example of a DIY project could be that a few of your deck pickets have started to rot and need to be replaced. A contractor job would be that the old deck needs to be hauled to the dump and a new one built. Inside, you can paint a guest room yourself although you may choose to hire a contract professional painter for the job, especially if there’s more than just one room that needs paint. A bathroom or kitchen remodel with new plumbing, cabinetry and electrical work requires the expertise of home remodeling companies. An addition to your home might include adding another interior room or enclosing an existing deck into a screen porch, either qualifies as the type of remodeling job that requires a specialist.

Why Choose BC West Building Company

There are some considerations to address before choosing a home remodeling company. It’s assumed you’ll get more than one bid and any contractor who discourages this should be avoided.  For a legitimate company, it’s in the company’s best interest that you are not second-guessing if someone else could have done a better job or the same job for less money. Make sure your contractor is licensed, insured, has good references, and can show project examples. They also must be registered with the state of CT:

BC West Building Company, LLC has been serving Litchfield, New Haven, Fairfield and Hartford counties in Connecticut since 2004. Our custom remodeling jobs include professionalism and transparency in billing along with master craftsmanship and custom carpentry. We provide a wide range of services to our customers, and we deliver each one of those services with our trademark professionalism, attention to detail, and experience.  Take a look at our projects to see examples of home remodeling.

We approach every remodeling project with exquisite craftsmanship and practical implementation. No project is too small or too big – from modest kitchen remodeling to unsurpassed, custom-designed complete home remodeling. From the time construction begins, we adhere to the highest levels of efficiency and attention to detail possible, affording you the ability to enjoy your home with the knowledge of quality workmanship and integrity.

Feeling Ready to start your project? 

We are passionate about working with you to transform your living spaces into the home you’ve always dreamed of owning. Whatever work we do for you, our aim is to delight you with a clean, elegant, professional, and amazing result. We’ve worked hard to gain the reputation as one of the finest area home remodeling companies. Please contact us today to start planning your dream home remodeling project.

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