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Seal it up!

Winter weather is here and did you ever seal up that giant gap under your door?  It is amazing how much heat you can actually lose from leaky windows and doors.  Many times the solution can be relatively easy to fix and will save you hundreds of dollars in heating bill throughout the winter months.  Look at your exterior doors and determine if it has weather stripping.  If it does, is it a newer style door that has an integrated foam gasket around the door and is it damaged?   Or is it an old door with old metal weather stripping that is bent and worn out?

If the weather stripping is a foam gasket type, which is integrated into the door, you’re lucky!  It is easily replaced by pulling it from one end carefully until it starts to come free of the channel in which it is tucked into.  This type of weather stripping is found at local hardware stores or big box chains.


If you don’t have that nice easy groove to tuck the weather stripping into … then your best bet is to purchase an applied weather stripping, which will be screwed onto the doorjamb to create the seal.  You really only need a screw gun, snips to cut the metal and a razor knife.  You will install the weather stripping with the door closed and make sure not to make the seal too tight as to interfere with the door latching.


Finally add a door sweep to the bottom of the door if needed which can be applied in the same way the sidepieces were screwed on.  Don’t wait another winter!!  And if you aren’t particularly handy, give us a call and we’ll be happy to do the job for you.