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Residential Renovation

Residential Renovation – Turning a Negative into a Positive

Residential RenovationNegative has come to be seen as something bad, but this is really a bias on the word. When it comes to residential renovation, it is easy to turn a negative into a positive, especially when it comes to keeping an area clean. When you think home or residential renovation, you probably get an image of a home that is in such as state that it is difficult to imagine anyone actually living there. That is also a potentially incorrect bias.

To start, home renovations should not involve the entire house. Projects should be broken up and completed one at a time.

With only one project going on at a time, the area where the work is occurring should be isolated. This means installing plastic walls and coverings so that dust and other particles are kept to the work space. Painter tape is a great way to seal doors and the larger gaps between the work space and the rest of the home.

Air filtering machines can help you keep the work space safer. Professionals duct tape these amazing little devices to a window to keep clean air flowing. It is also circulating the air out of the house. The air filtering machine acts as a vacuum using negative pressure, not only keeping dust from traveling into other rooms, but moving it out of the work space as well. Essentially, the machine is creating negative air.

Using negative air, your work area is cleaner and safer because the amount of debris and dust is reduced. It also helps you to significantly reduce how much dust gets into the rest of your house. If you don’t have an air filtering machine, you can get a box fan and install it in the window before you start working on your next residential renovation project.

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