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Painted Wood Exterior Maintenance

Painted wood can make a home look elegant and inviting, but it requires a good bit of upkeep. In terms of home improvement projects, taking care of painted wood can be among one of the more enjoyable tasks because it is easy to see the fruits of your labor. However, it does need to be inspected and maintained on an annual basis.

The following are the primary tasks you should add to your annual home improvement list.

  1. Make sure any area that you inspect and find problems is protected from exposure to weather. This includes areas where you remove loose paint, caulk, or fill in holes.
  2. Go around the house and inspect it for loose paint, cracks, peeling, or bubbles. Loose paint should be scraped off. Cracks, peeling, and bubbles should be smoothed out.
  3. Inspect the wood for holes. These are more serious, and you will need to fill them with an exterior grade wood filler before you can paint them. Do not just paint over the problem.
  4. Inspect windows, doors, and boards for areas where the caulk is going bad. Make sure to re-caulk them when you find them. If you don’t, you will need to keep a list and fix them all later.
  5. Add primer to the areas where you have addressed problems with the wood. Make sure you use an exterior paint primer than is of a high quality. Make sure these areas are protected against adverse weather once the primer is applied.
  6. Once the primer dries, touch up the areas where you had to add the primer. Make sure to use the same paint as the surrounding areas.

When the painting is complete, this home improvement project is done. Now you can enjoy the beauty and know that it should be problem free for another year.