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Living Home

Anyone who owns a home knows that it comes with its fair share of work.  Whether or not you are handy and take on projects on your own or hire a professional there is always maintenance to keep your eye on.  Your home seems to be a living creature and it reacts to how it is taken care of.  Just like your own body… ignoring a minor ache or pain can lead to a more serious issue and the same is true for your home.

Have you noticed in your travels coming across a vacant home and how quickly the effects of neglect take hold?  A home needs heat, it needs to stay dry, it needs to breathe and most importantly it needs you.   A home needs us to survive.  It is a symbiotic relationship, which gives us shelter and comfort based on the level of care it receives.

This leads me to the obvious topic of maintenance.  The simple fact is that if you stay on top of each maintenance aspect of your home you can save yourself a lot of problems and even more money down the road.  With so many maintenance topics to talk about, future blogs will start with the inside of your home because it is way too cold and in many cases way too late to address some of the outside issues.  Please stayed tuned to great tips and information to help you maintain the inside of your home throughout the winter months.  Let us know if we can help.