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Door and Window Leaks

Door and Window Leaks

Door and Window LeaksOne of the more detrimental things you can do as a homeowner is to wait to either find or fix door and window leaks around your house until you have a serious problem. With a little extra attention to your windows and doors, you can save time and money by fixing problems early and preventing water leaks. Monitoring and preventing problems is the best way to protect your home.

Seals Around Doors

Schedule regular checks on the seals around your entire outside doors and windows. Look for little problems and cracks around the doors and windows. Make sure to have caulk available when you do this so you can fix the problem as you go instead of having to come back to it later or forgetting where you saw the problem.

Whenever you have a new window or door installed, make sure to include the installation of a door or window pan. This helps fill gaps, but more importantly, it is a waterproof membrane that keeps the wood under the window or door from rotting.

Water Damage

Check for water stains either at the same time or as a separate task to checking seals on windows and doors. If you find minor stains, don’t ignore them, as they may be signs of a more serious problem. Check for trapped water behind the house wrap near doors and windows after inclement weather. Keeping these areas dry helps prevent wood rot and mold. If you suspect water has gotten behind the walls, contact us or one of your areas’ home repair companies to come and take a look at the problem to make sure it isn’t a sign of something serious. We have special tools to determine if the walls are wet behind the dry wall.

If water does get trapped behind the house wrap or becomes trapped at door and window locations, it can sit for long periods of time without the ability to dry out. Trapped water will lead to wood rot, potential mold, and if it gets in the insulation, it will deteriorate the effectiveness of your insulation.

Proper layering of water proofing materials is key to a dry home. House wrap, window wrap, house wrap tapes, window and door flashings, and drip caps all have to be installed in the proper sequence to enable water to pass over the different layers.

Make sure that house wrap; window wrap, house wrap tapes, window and door flashings, and drip caps are installed (and in the right order) to keep your house dry. This is a critical task for new construction and renovation of existing structures.


By being more attentive to your home, you can save time and money on hiring home repair companies by fixing the problem before it becomes serious. If you aren’t sure what to do, contact BC West Building Company or a professional in your area and get the small issues taken care of as soon as possible.